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When you donate to Goodwill and/or shop at Goodwill, you help us fulfill our mission. The clotches, househols goods, office/home appliances and equipment,furniture and fixtures, and other discarded items you donated are sold in our thrift shop.

When you shop at Goodwill, you get good bargains and help someone finds at reduced cost- men and women's apparel, children's clothes,kitchen and dinning wares, decors, toys and many more. the funds generated through the sale of these items go towards supporting the training and placement programs for persons with disabilities.

As a civic organization, GIPI cannot rely yet wholly on its physical operations to support its rehabilitation programs. It has to find other ways to increase its funds so as to able to pay its workers and their benefits and fund its programs. Therefore, it is still necessary to conduct fundraising activities such as golf tournament, charity ball, raffle draws etc.

GIPI welcomes an individual or an organization interested in the purpose and work for Goodwill. Help the disabled by supporting Goodwill.

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